Oh, hello!

So here we are, at Senff’s space on WordPress.com. It’s been around for a while, but I decided to wipe it all out and start with a clean slate.

Wha….? So glad you asked (cause you did).

For a long time, I’ve had my Senff.com site, which has always been more about tech issues in general, and Front End development related in particular. That won’t change (even though at this very moment, it’s not even online because I’m just tweaking my theme and such).

Nowadays, I’m more active again on the WordPress.com support forums, I figured it would only make sense to have a site on WordPress.com myself (or at least a public one — I had one but it wasn’t really making sense). But should that also be technical in nature? What would be the point, since I already have that on Senff.com?

So after much deliberating (um, a whole 2 minutes, OK), I decided to make it about something totally different and (dare I say) lighter topics.

“Fun Stuff”.

(not that Front End development isn’t fun…but it can be a little dry)

Which means, I’ll start with blogging a little about the crapload of movies I watch, the TV shows I follow, the music I listen to, the magic tricks I can do, and if that isn’t entertaining enough for you, I’ll throw a lot of words at you about the movies/shows/music that I really, really don’t like.

Throw in the odd reminiscing story about the times when I worked in the music industry, some other fun memes (you might see the occasional hi-la-ri-ous image) and there you have it — the all new, Senff Lite. (Diet Senff?)

You be welcome.