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"David Bowie would play retro Star Wars video games."

About This Guy


My name is Mark Senff, a former Dutchman now living in beautiful Montreal, Canada.

sparkle That’s me there on that Def Leppard album cover from 2008. This being my site, I’m kinda entitled to show off. A little bit.

(I am also on T-shirts.)

I am a HappineCSS Engineer at Automattic, creators of WordPress and other great software. On this site, I’ll be mostly talking about movies, TV, music and everything else you can file under “entertainment“, a few technical things (mostly front-end related) and some inevitable general stuff.

As far as the entertainment goes, I have particular affinities for Star Wars, documentaries, stories with smart plot twists, hard rock music and retro video games.

Naturally, a documentary about retro Star Wars video games with an amazing plot twist and a hard rock soundtrack would be the best movie in the history of movies. If you’re thinking about making that, I’ll fully fund your Kickstarter campaign within seconds.

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